install_scripts package


install_scripts.arch module

install_scripts.arch.install_aur_package(git_url: str)

Installs an AUR package from a git URL :param git_url: The URL of the git repository :return: None

install_scripts.arch.install_essentials(desktop: bool = False)

Installs essential packages :param desktop: Specifies if this is for a desktop system or not :return: None

install_scripts.arch.install_packages(packages: List[str])

Installs packages on arch linux If it’s not installed beforehand, pacaur will be installed before any other packages :param packages: The packages to install :return: None

install_scripts.auth module

install_scripts.auth.install_fingerprint_auth(distro: install_scripts.distros.Distros)

Installs fprintd and sets up fingerprint authentification :param distro: The distro for which to install fprintd :return: None

install_scripts.bashrc module

install_scripts.bashrc.add_line_to_bashrc(line: str)

Adds a line to bashrc :param line: The line to add :return: None

install_scripts.bashrc.add_nas_bashrc_lines(desktop: bool)

Adds NAS-related lines to the .bashrc files :param desktop: Specifies if this is for a desktop or not :return: None

install_scripts.bashrc.base(distro: install_scripts.distros.Distros)

Write a base bashrc file :return: None

install_scripts.configs module

install_scripts.configs.execute_config(entry: str)

Executes a configuration :param entry: The entry in the configuration to execute :return: None

install_scripts.cryptomining module

install_scripts.cryptomining.build_cpuminer_multi(distro: install_scripts.distros.Distros, destination: str)

Builds cpuminer-multi and moves it to the location specified :param distro: The distribution for which to build cpuminer-multi :param destination: The destination to which to

save the built cpuminer-multi to



install_scripts.customization module

install_scripts.customization.install_themes(distro: install_scripts.distros.Distros)

Install numix themes :param distro: The distro for which to install :return: None

install_scripts.distros module

class install_scripts.distros.Distros

Bases: enum.Enum

An enum representing the possible ditributions

ARCH = {'install': <function install_packages>}
UBUNTU = {'install': <function install_packages>}

install_scripts.helper module

install_scripts.helper.process_call(command: List[str]) → str

Prints a command and executes it. If the exit code is not 0, the program will crash. :param command: The command to run :return: The output of the command call, stripped of whitespace

install_scripts.hosts module

install_scripts.hosts.block_domain(domain: str)

Blocks a domain using the hosts file :param domain: The domain to block :return: None


Blocks via the hosts file :return: None

install_scripts.ubuntu module

install_scripts.ubuntu.install_essentials(desktop: bool = False)

Installs essential packages :param desktop: Specifies if this is for a desktop system or not :return: None

install_scripts.ubuntu.install_packages(packages: List[str])

Installs packages on ubuntu linux :param packages: The packages to install :return: None

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