ci_scripts package


ci_scripts.common module

ci_scripts.common.decode_base64_string_to_file(content: str, dest: str)

Decodes a base64-encoded string and writes the result to a file :param content: The string to decode :param dest: The destination file path :return: None

ci_scripts.common.process_call(command: List[str], ignore_error: bool = False) → str

Prints a command and executes it. If the exit code is not 0, the program will crash. :param command: The command to run :param ignore_error: Ignores any errors during a process call if True :return: The output of the command call, stripped of whitespace

ci_scripts.npm module

ci_scripts.npm.install_package(package: str)

Installs an npm package :param package: The name of the package to install :return: None

ci_scripts.php module


Runs checkstyle on the PHP project :return: None


Generates documentation :return: None


Installs composer locally :return: None


Runs PHP unit tests :return: None

ci_scripts.progstats module

ci_scripts.progstats.progstats_transfer(data: str, topic: str, project: str)

Transfers progstats contents to the progstats instance using rsync :param data: The path to the data to transfer :param topic: The progstats topic name :param project: The progstats project name :return: None

ci_scripts.release_upload_common module

ci_scripts.release_upload_common.get_content_type(filename: str) → str

Retrieves a sensible content type for a file :param filename: The name of the file :return: The content type of the file

ci_scripts.release_upload_common.parse_args() → Dict[str, Union[str, List[Dict[str, str]]]]

Parses command line arguments :return: A dictionary containing data required for uploading a release

ci_scripts.ruby module


Builds gem for project :return: None


Publishes a gem :return: None

ci_scripts.ruby.install_gem(gem: str)

Installs a gem :param gem: The gem to install :return: None


Makes sure the ruby paths are in the system’s PATH :return: None


Creates documentation using rdoc and rsync it for use in progstats :return: None


Tests the style of the ruby project using rubocop :return: None

Module contents

ci_scripts.sentry_dsn = ''

Sentry DSN used for exception tracking