bundesliga_tippspiel_reminder package


bundesliga_tippspiel_reminder.BundesligaTippspielReminderBot module

class bundesliga_tippspiel_reminder.BundesligaTippspielReminderBot.BundesligaTippspielReminderBot(connection: bokkichat.connection.Connection.Connection, location: str, db_uri: Optional[str] = None)

Bases: kudubot.Bot.Bot

The bundesliga tippspiel reminder bot

bg_iteration(_: int, db_session: sqlalchemy.orm.session.Session)

Implements behaviours of the Background thread that periodically checks if any reminders are due :return: None

property bg_pause

The pause between background iterations :return: The pause in seconds

is_authorized(address: kudubot.db.Address.Address, _: Dict[str, Any], db_session: sqlalchemy.orm.session.Session) → bool

Checks if a user is authorized :param address: The user to check :param _: possible command arguments :param db_session: The database session to use :return: True if authorized, False otherwise

classmethod name() → str

The name of the bot

classmethod parsers() → List[kudubot.parsing.CommandParser.CommandParser]

The parsers for the bot

classmethod unauthorized_message() → str

A custom message sent to a user if they tried to access a feature that requires authorization without being authorized

classmethod version() → str

The current version of the bot

bundesliga_tippspiel_reminder.BundesligaTippspielReminderParser module

class bundesliga_tippspiel_reminder.BundesligaTippspielReminderParser.BundesligaTippspielReminderParser

Bases: kudubot.parsing.CommandParser.CommandParser

Parser for the bot that defines the available commands

classmethod commands() → List[kudubot.parsing.Command.Command]

The available commands

classmethod name() → str

The name of the bot

bundesliga_tippspiel_reminder.api module

bundesliga_tippspiel_reminder.api.api_is_authorized(api_key: Optional[str]) → bool

Checks whether or not an API key is authorized :param api_key: The API key to check :return: True if authorized, False otherwise

bundesliga_tippspiel_reminder.api.api_request(endpoint: str, method: str, params: Dict[Any, Any], api_key: Optional[str] = None) → Dict[Any, Any]

Sends a request to the API :param endpoint: The endpoint to send the request to :param method: The HTTP method to use :param params: The parameters to use :param api_key: The API key to use :return: The response

Module contents

bundesliga_tippspiel_reminder.sentry_dsn = 'https://bb7b3f62b88d48309ed1539af4a53b6a@sentry.namibsun.net/5'

The sentry DSN for this project

bundesliga_tippspiel_reminder.version = '0.3.1'

The current version of otaku_info_bot