aniremind package


aniremind.AniRemindBot module

class aniremind.AniRemindBot.AniRemindBot(connection: bokkichat.connection.Connection.Connection, location: str, db_uri: Optional[str] = None)

Bases: kudubot.Bot.Bot

The Aniremind Bot class that defines the anime reminder functionality.

delete(_id: int, address: kudubot.db.Address.Address) → bool

Deletes a reminder :param _id: The ID of the reminder to remove :param address: The address of the user requesting the deletion :return: Whether or not the reminder was deleted

static load_newest_episodes() → Dict[str, int]

Loads the newest episode numbers on /r/anime’s /u/autolovepon’s page :return: The show names mapped to the latest episode number


The name of the bot

on_msg(message: bokkichat.entities.message.Message.Message, address: kudubot.db.Address.Address)

Handles received messages :param message: The received message :param address: The address of the sender in the database :return: None


A list of parser the bot supports for commands

register(show_name: str, address: kudubot.db.Address.Address) → aniremind.db.Reminder.Reminder

Registers a new show in the reminder :param show_name: The name of the show to register :param address: The address for which to register the show :return: The newly registered reminder object


Periodically checks for new reminders to update :return: None

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